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Who needs to know?

Day trading can be a lonely sport. A solitary pursuit. The world may doubt or question you but you have to dig your heels in and stay relentless. We exist to provide traders the opportunity, the capital, and the confidence to short-circuit the rat race and enter the big leagues. We jolt people into action. Prod them to play by their own rules.
TopTier Trader welcomes the unflinching who are willing to pursue their goals to commit to growth. We are an inspiring community of like-minded people, a group of audacious hustlers committed to proving the doubters wrong. TopTier invites you to step up to the keyboard and be unshakable in your quest to make your mark.

Why do we Exist?

We are for the relentless. Those everyday heroes determined to follow their own path and carve out their own success. Those who hedge a bet on themselves, show up to the fight, and are hell-bent on making it to the top. The resolute traders who see past the promise of a stable job and rebel against traditional models of success.
These uncompromising daredevils desire freedom. Freedom to play by their own rules. To make their own choices. To live on their own terms. To define what a top-tier lifestyle would look like for them. All they need is the opportunity and capital to scale their profitability and fast-track their way to the trading big leagues.

Our History

It all started in 2021 when Jamal Hollingsworth, an experienced trader, and entrepreneur, decided to try a challenge. He tried it in his quest for new opportunities and was surprised to witness his first month of $19,000. Surprised and excited for how quickly he could scale and see results, he knew he wanted to help others maximize their profits in less time and with the right support system.
He pitched this initial experience to Anthony T. Williams (_@anthonysworld_) and Cue Banks (@cuebanks), to which there were many initial Nos. During that time, prop firms were relatively new, and Anthony questioned if traders would see how big an opportunity to trade with someone else's investment could be. After all, as experienced traders, they had to self-fund their dreams and visions on their own. No handouts. After much research, studying the best way to help their community, and finding the right technology for their trading firm, TopTier Trader was born.

Mission Statement

To give traders the opportunity and conditions to scale their profits for fast-tracked success, choice and freedom.

Vision Statement

To build an unprecedented collaborative community for serious traders.

Purpose Statement

To be the best platform for traders to manifest a TopTier lifestyle.

Our Team

Meet the TopTier Trader Leadership Team.
Cue Banks
Anthony Williams
Nicolas Castillo
COO & Co-Founder
Jamal Hollingsworth
Dave Gutman
Andres Valdes
Head of Latam
Renata Martinez
Senior Graphic Designer
Elouan Le Couteller
Content Marketing Strategist
Sebastian Sosa
Affiliates Manager
Joe Banks
Head of Community
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