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Payout Requests - Affiliate

Requesting Your Affiliate Payouts

Affiliate payouts are automatically processed from the 1st till the 5th of each month.


Affiliates will receive their payouts via the USDT (ERC-20) address specified in the affiliate dashboard.


You will be able to see the details of previous affiliate payouts via the Payouts tab of your affiliate dashboard.

How To Join?

In order to join our affiliate program, you’d need to register by clicking the button.

Affiliate Registration


You do not need to have any experience with being an affiliate to join our program. All you need to do is register, get your referral link then start earning.

Why Join?

With our Affiliate Program, you can earn between 5 – 20% commission for every referral that purchases a TopTier challenge account from us. Your level of commission is dependent on your amount of paid referrals. You may view the below table for the commission structure.


Paid Referral Count

Less Than 25

More Than 25

More Than 50

More Than 100

Commission On First Purchase





On All Subsequent Challenges