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Swing Trading - Swing

You are allowed to swing positions over the weekend on your TTT Challenge Swing accounts.

Weekend Trading - Swing

We allow weekend trading on the TopTier Challenge Swing accounts provided that the instruments are tradeable on the weekend (eg. cryptocurrencies).

Copy Trading - Swing

You can not copy trades to the TopTier Challenge Swing accounts. However, you may copy trades from the TopTier Challenge Swing accounts to the TopTier Challenge Plus accounts.

Payout Request - Swing

In order to request a payout from your TopTier Funded Swing account, you must not only be eligible for a payout but must also submit a request from your trader’s dashboard. Please note that in order to be eligible for a payout you must meet the following conditions:


First Payout Request

  • 30 days from the first trade on the account

  • No active trades on the account

Subsequent Payout Requests

  • 14 days from the first trade after the last payout on the account

  • No active trades on the account

Payout Methods

  • BTC

  • Wise


Payouts will be processed within 3 – 5 business days after we have received confirmation from the trader regarding their payout amount and details.


Wise payouts will require traders to possess a Wise account. As such, you will be required to create a Wise account under the email registered on our platform so we can issue your payout to you.


Note that you will be responsible for any transaction fees from processing your payout. Your account will also be placed on read-only until your payout has been completed.


Payouts will only be made to accounts that have fully verified their KYC via our verification partner Sumsub.


Note that under no circumstance will you be eligible for a payout if you breach your funded account regardless of the profitability of the funded account.

EA Trading - Swing

You may not use a trading robot on your TTT Challenge Swing account. Doing so would result in a breach/violation of your account.

Leverage - Swing

Our special group within Think Markets has been designed to meet the requirements for operating a prop firm. Since you are allowed to hold trades overnight and over the weekend, our leverage in certain instruments has to be lowered in order to not expose us to more risk than necessary in the event of a price gap or extreme volatility.


Below are the leverages we offer with their respective instruments:


TTT Challenge Swing

  • Forex 1:30

  • Gold and Commodities 1:10

  • Indices 1:5

  • Crypto 1:1