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Max Hines is a Successful TopTier Trader who Prefers Trading Futures

Max Hines Trading Futures

Who is Max Hines

Max Hines is a successful TopTier Trader, but his journey to becoming a full-time trader has been an interesting one. Before becoming a full-time trader, Max was a touring musician. 

After COVID-19 devastated the music industry and concerts halted, Max realized that he needed to explore other full-time opportunities. This realization landed Max a job as a full-time investment advisor. 

Unfortunately, Max didn’t like the corporate structure and wanted to venture out on his own. So, he took a chance and decided to start trading futures with his own money. 

Max Hines Prefers Trading Futures

What are futures?

Futures are financial contracts that obligate a party to buy or sell at a set date and price. These are derivative contracts that specify that the buyer must buy or the sellers must sell at a set price.

Futures have underlying assets which include financial instruments and physical commodities. Some examples of futures are treasury bonds, currencies, fuels, precious metals, and even certain foods. 

Experience with TopTier Trader

In March of 2022, Max started his journey with TopTier Trader. Interestingly, Max didn’t receive a payout after initially becoming funded. He attributes this to losing his daily loss limit and having a lack of discipline. 

Since then, Max has had several $200,000 funded accounts and has had the max of $600,000. He is currently funded on 2 accounts at $400,000. It took him until the beginning of September to become a fully funded trader.

Now, Max has received over 9 bi-weekly payouts and chooses to not combine his trading accounts. He is very grateful that all of his payouts pay more than a full-time 9 to 5 job. 

Trade Balance and TopTier Dashboard

To be as transparent as possible, Max Hines takes us through an overview of his account and trading activity by showing us his TopTier Trader dashboard. 

Throughout his journey, Max is a consistent trader whose win rate is greater than his loss rate. His advice is to cut your losers and let your winners run. 

Trading Indices 

Normally, Max trades NASDAQ, SP 500, and DOW JONES. So, he prefers to scalp indices. Even though he has traded all the major pairs, Max prefers to trade indices. 

It is all a matter of understanding something really well and not taking any shortcuts. 

Remember, you must learn to understand yourself when it comes to trading. 

Risk Management Matters

One thing that all professional traders can’t emphasize enough is that risk management matters. 

According to Max, don’t get greedy and base hits are underrated in trading. Bases are precursors to a winning stock’s next big move. So, the term basing refers to the consolidation in the price of a security. 

When looking at technical analysis, there are 2 common basing patterns that can be used to find good entry and exit points. Usually, this point comes after a downtrend before a bull phase begins. 

Trade with TopTier Trader

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